Historic Hoppulla Surat – Hippull- From the balcony of history to the modern Surat

Surat: The historic hippull on the Tapi river in the city is no longer there. However, its little memory is still preserved in the city’s newly developed pal. Five years ago, it was decided to develop Pallapa by Surat Municipal Corporation. For the last two phases, the cost of Rs 3.52 crore has been prepared by the municipal corporation. In it, a span of the historic Hoppull is established as its memorial.

Experience of the 21st Century Modern Surat City – Historic Hoppulla Surat 

Due to the monsoon, water has been flooded in the lake. This can be passed by walking over the span above the historic hospital in the lake. As Surat was seen in the background of this bridge passing through the fossil of the bridge, it was possible to experience the 21st century modern Surat city being visible from the gallery of history. Do not have a wonderful combination of history and current?